Açu Petróleo and Petrogal renew contract for oil transhipment in the Port of Açu - Porto do Açu


Açu Petróleo and Petrogal renew contract for oil transhipment in the Port of Açu

With activities planned until 2023, renewal reinforces the terminal’s operational excellence

Açu Petróleo (a joint venture between Prumo Logística and Oiltanking) and Petrogal reaffirmed their partnership and renewed until 2023 their contract for oil transhipment at the Port of Açu, in São João da Barra (Rio de Janeiro State). With the new contract, the oil company, which has been a client of the terminal since 2017, is expected to double the number of export operations carried out at the terminal.

According to Victor Snabaitis Bomfim, CEO of Açu Petróleo, the renewal of the contract with Petrogal confirms the company’s advantages. “Continuing this partnership is very important for Açu Petróleo, as it pushes us even more to maintain our commitment to operational excellence and non-negotiable respect for the environment. Petrogal was the first company to operate VLCCs at our terminal. I am sure that this commitment and the predictability and safety that we offer in our operations were key factors for this renewal.”

“Petrogal is the third largest oil and gas producer in Brazil and one of the companies with the fastest output growth in the world,” said Miguel Pereira, the company’s CEO. “Brazil is our main development base, and this requires access to reliable infrastructure, with proper technology and environmental apparatus,” he added.

In operation since 2016, Açu Petróleo’s Oil Terminal (T-OIL) is 25 meters deep, has three berths and is licensed to handle up to 1.2 mbpd. The terminal has already performed more than 95 operations. T-OIL is the only private terminal in Brazil that can welcome Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs), which have storage capacity for up to 2 million barrels of crude oil. VLCC operations account for 40% of the total volume handled to date.

“This year, we expect to handle twice the volume of 2018. Moreover, we are in an advanced stage in the development of the onshore tanking project which, in addition to providing optimization of oil handling logistics for our customers, will be able to offer new services such as warehousing, dewatering and blending,” said Bomfim.

In addition to Petrogal, Petrobras, Shell and Equinor are also clients of Açu Petróleo.

At T-OIL, oil transhipment is executed by a world-class operator, Oiltanking, in an area sheltered by breakwater, enabling reliable and safe operations, with efficiency and reduction in the final cost for clients, boosting the competitiveness of Brazilian oil. During transhipment, the two vessels are docked at the breakwater, both surrounded by containment barriers, minimizing the risk of environmental impact.