Açu Port attends Business Meeting in Macaé - Porto do Açu


Açu Port attends Business Meeting in Macaé

Event gathered entrepreneurs seeking to provide goods and services to the port

Açu Port attended a Business Meeting for micro and small companies in the oil & gas industry, in the city of Macaé. During the event, on June 29, the Port’s Supply Chain Manager João Kapiska discussed the enterprise’s purchasing policy, the demands of companies installed on the premises and their relationships with suppliers. The goal was to show local businesspeople what is needed to become a supplier of goods and services to Açu Port.

“We must attract more companies to the Port, so as to establish new partnerships to develop the business. In that sense, we seek partners who meet the demands of companies already established in the Port Complex. Although we forecast purchases in 2016 that are double the amount of 2015, it is still difficult to find qualified suppliers, who are able to meet our deadlines as well as price needs,” said Kapiska.

Also during the Business Meeting, Kapiska answered questions and announced internal changes to streamline the registration system for those interested in closing deals with Açu Port. Attended by 180 companies, the event resulted from a partnership between Prumo Logística, the company that develops and operates the enterprise, and Sebrae/RJ (the Rio de Janeiro branch of the Support Service to Micro and Small Enterprises ), aided by Rede Petro BC and Macaé’s Industrial and Trade Association.

“Our goal is always to bring micro and small companies closer to large companies. We have done this work with Açu Port, debating supplier development strategies. Until now, our actions were very focused on the cities of Campos and São João da Barra, but we also want to extend these actions to Macaé, which has been in the oil & gas industry for a long time,” said Sebrae’s regional coordinator for the Northern part of Rio de Janeiro State, Gilberto Soares.​