Açu Port becomes the first VTS licensed port in Brazil - Porto do Açu


Açu Port becomes the first VTS licensed port in Brazil

​The Brazilian Navy’s Hydrography and Navigation Authority granted Açu Port late last year a license to operate a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

Açu is currently the only port in Brazil with this service, placing the enterprise at the highest level of information control and navigation support, complying with world-class standards.

The VTS implementation project was approved by Nautical Signaling Center Admiral Moraes Rêgo (CAMR), a division of the Brazilian Navy. VTS is a system that actively monitors waterway traffic, improving safety and efficiency in vessel moves.

The key VTS factors are: qualified team, installed technology and information integration. Among its main devices are the Automatic Identification System (AIS), the Radar, communication systems and a wave-height measurer, in addition to monitoring cameras.

Açu Port is the first port in Brazil to have the VTS, which monitors maritime traffic, increasing safety and efficiency in vessel moves. The service provides information such as location, speed, size, load-draughts, cargo types and vessel flags.

Additionally, Açu Port was recently included in the VTS Guide, a global reference on maritime traffic control systems. For information on VTS-licensed ports around the world, please visit http://www.worldvtsguide.org/Brazil/AU-VTS.

VTS Operators – In August 2015, the first class of VTS operators graduated at Açu Port. The group, formed by four Prumo associates, finished the course offered by Homem do Mar Foundation (FHM). Operators were trained to work in vessel control systems at Açu Port terminals. The group took theoretical lessons on maritime traffic management, equipment operation, emergency procedures, port geography, regulations, Port Captainship procedure rules, etc. They also took practical lessons on simulators installed at the institution. After this stage, technicians had On-the-Job-Training (OJT), as they learned the particularities of Açu Port.​