Açu Port completes assembly of cranes to operate at T-MULT - Porto do Açu


Açu Port completes assembly of cranes to operate at T-MULT

Equipment is being used in commission during the third loading of bauxite at the terminal

Açu Port completed this month the assembly of two Mobile Harbor Cranes for its Multicargo Terminal (T-MULT). Initially, the cranes are in commissioning phase and handle bauxite, but may be used for all kinds of cargo and operations. Assembly took about one month. Prumo acquired the cranes, manufactured in Germany by Terex/Gottwald, late in 2014. Investment totaled 26 million reais.

The equipment is being used on the third loading of bauxite at the terminal, which began yesterd​ay. Processes are being verified and needed adjustments are being carried out on the equipment’s software along with the manufacturer in Germany during this phase.

The cranes are used to lift and move cargo in the ships and storage patios through owned dumpsters to handle solid bulk. The equipment may also handle general bulk and containers and includes hooks for handling project cargo, capable of being rotated for greater operational flexibility.

The cranes weigh together approximately 800 tons and each has a radius of 46 meters. Hoisting capacity is up to 100 tons. By using the cranes, T-MULT’s capacity to handle cargo between the storage patio and the ships will expand by at least 30%.
About T-MULT

With two berths installed in a 500-meter quay, T-MULT has a handling capacity of 4 million tons per year (including solid bulk and general cargo). With a depth of 14.5 meters, the terminal is able to receive Panamax ships.

Two Mobile Harbor Cranes, two patio forklifts, two hoppers with a nominal capacity of 360 tons/hour each and two highway scales will be installed in the terminal.

Açu Port has a contract with Votorantim Metais to handle 300 thousand tons per year of bauxite and pet coke. T-MULT is expected to handle a total of 2 million tons of bauxite per year.

With the possibility of expanding the quayside to 1200 meters, TMULT will also handle coal, clinker, fertilizers, ornamental rocks, containers and motor vehicles. Railway access is expected in the future.​