Açu Port completes workshops for the fishing community with visit to the enterprise - Porto do Açu


Açu Port completes workshops for the fishing community with visit to the enterprise

During two weeks, fishermen from Gargaú, in São Francisco de Itabapoana, discussed matters related to maritime routine and saw the port’s terminals for the first time

Açu Port completed this week the “Workshops for the fishermen of Gargaú”, in the city of São Francisco de Itabapoana. During 15 days, the fishing community discussed matters involving maritime responsibilities, regulations and competences, and also had the opportunity to see the Port up close. Workshops resulted from a partnership between Prumo Logística (the company that operates and manages the Port), Fishing Colony Z-1 and the Port Captainship of São João da Barra.

Among the key topics addressed during lectures in the colony’s headquarters were navigation safety, environmental protection, skin cancer prevention and blood hypertension.

Workshops concluded with a visit to Açu Port. The fishermen were introduced to the offshore, onshore and Multicargo terminals, and to the VTS Center, which controls waterway traffic on the enterprise. In addition to an HD camera system with night vision, the center operates with two other systems: the AIS (Automatic Identification System), a radar that monitors all vessels that move through the port up to 25 nautical miles (approximately 48 km), and the VHF radio, responsible for contacting all vessels that enter and exit the terminals.

After these structures were installed, Açu Port received the VTS operations license, and is the first port in Brazil to have this type of service. This license gives the port credentials for the highest level of information control and navigation aid, following international standards.​