Açu Port finishes visitation circuit with fishing community - Porto do Açu


Açu Port finishes visitation circuit with fishing community

In the past six months, seven meetings were held, attended by 200 people

Açu Port finishes today the visitation circuit with the fishing community of the São João da Barra region. In total, 200 people participated in the seven visits with the three fishing colonies (Z-1, Z-19 and Z-2). The last meeting was held today with fishermen from Barra de Itabapoana, of fishing colony Z-1 (São Francisco de Itabapoana).

The meetings started in the second half of 2015, seeking to bring the fishing community closer to the enterprise. One of the main topics addressed during visitations was navigation safety.

“In addition to presenting the evolution of construction work and terminal operations, the meetings were important to strengthen ties with the fishing community. With the start of operations in the new terminals at Açu Port, vessel traffic is expected to increase and everyone must be aware of their duties and responsibilities,” said Gleide Gomes, Social Responsibility Coordinator at Açu Port.

Representatives of the São João da Barra Port Captainship were present in all visits. They addressed topics involving maritime responsibilities, regulations and competences.

During visits, the fishermen were introduced to the offshore, onshore and Multicargo terminals. They also went to the VTS Center, which controls waterway traffic at Açu Port. In addition to an HD camera system with night vision, the center operates with two other systems: the AIS (Automatic Identification System), a radar that monitors all vessels that move through the port up to 25 nautical miles (approximately 48 km), and the VHF radio, responsible for contacting all vessels that enter and exit the terminals.

After these structures were installed, Açu Port received the VTS operations license, and is the first port in Brazil to have this type of service. This license gives the port credentials for the highest level of information control and navigation aid, following international standards.