Açu Port is presented to Japanese businesspeople as an investment opportunity in Brazil - Porto do Açu


Açu Port is presented to Japanese businesspeople as an investment opportunity in Brazil

​Açu Port was among the enterprises presented to the Japanese government and businesspeople during the 19th Joint Meeting of the Brazil-Japan Economic Cooperation Committee, which took place on October 4-5 in Japan.

José Magela Bernardes, CEO of Prumo Logística, the developer and operator of Açu Port, presented in the event the main characteristics and advantages of the enterprise, as well as investment opportunities for Japanese companies.

“Açu Port offers all conditions for receiving investments by Japanese companies. We have space available, a Multicargo Terminal that can welcome large vessels and a strategic location for the O&G industry. Japan is one of Brazil’s biggest strategic partners and I am sure that Açu Port can offer a number of investment opportunities for Japanese corporations,” Magela said.

The creation of an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) at Açu Port will provide a new alternative for Japanese companies to distribute their products in the Americas. Starting in early 2017, the EPZ will be a free trade area dedicated to the installation of companies that export 80% of their output. Last week, Trade Minister Marcos Pereira visited Açu Port with representatives of the Council of Export Processing Zones (CZPE), in charge of making recommendations to the President of the Republic about the creation of EPZs in the nation.

Another aspect highlighted in the event was Açu Port’s ability to optimize logistics for companies based in Minas Gerais state by shipping their production as well as importing input. This enables Japanese companies based in that state to have a dedicated port for their exports. The Chairman of the Minas Gerais Industrial Association (FIEMG), Olavo Machado Júnior, also attended the meeting in Japan and reinforced the importance of Açu Port for the state. “Açu is Minas Gerais’s port,” he said.

The 19th Joint Meeting was organized by Brazil’s National Industrial Association (CNI) and Nippon Keidanren, Japan’s largest business entity. Brazil’s participation was led by the Trade Ministry, joined by about 50 entrepreneurs.

Robson Braga de Andrade, head of CNI, believes that “Japan offers to us opportunities to increase our exports, access technology and attract capital for infrastructure investments.” The Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN) alone has a budget of over US$80 billion for infrastructure investments abroad.​