Açu Port opens area for installation of In-Company stores - Porto do Açu


Açu Port opens area for installation of In-Company stores

First unit is already operating and offers PPEs

This Monday, Açu Port opened a 7,000 m² space for implementation of the In-Company Stores project. Installed in the Port Complex, the stores will be set up in containers measuring 12 meters in length and 3 meters in width, to serve exclusively the enterprise’s companies and clients. The first store, which offers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is already at work.

According to Prumo’s Supply Chain Manager João Kapiska, more stores will be opened soon. “We noticed that attracting suppliers to be inside the Port Complex would bring more agility and efficiency to our clients. Thus, we developed the In-Company Stores project. The store that provides PPEs has already materialized and our goal is to expand this project”.

The kinds of products and services to be supplied by the stores are decided by Açu Port’s Supply Committee, formed by officials from all companies that operate in the enterprise. During their monthly meetings, the companies present their demands and purchasing difficulties. Products and services are thus chosen, and a bidding process is created for selecting the business that will operate the In-Company store.

“Offering of PPEs at the Port was one of the main demands by companies, which always found it hard to purchase these products immediately. But there are many possibilities, such as sale of electric material and tools, and installation of a lab for equipment evaluation,” said Kapiska.

There is space for 43 stores, all of them installed in containers. In the next phase, in September 2016, five more stores will be installed.


The In-Company Stores project launch was announced during the Business Meeting, held last week in the city of Macaé. Focused on micro and small companies in the oil & gas industry, the event was attended by 180 people and included discussions of the enterprise’s purchasing policy, the demands of companies installed on the premises and their relationships with suppliers. It was an opportunity for local businesspeople to learn what is needed to become a supplier of goods and services to Açu Port.

In order to enroll your company in the Açu Port’s supplier databank, please send an e-mail to cadastro.fornecedores@prumologistica.com.br.