Açu Port participates in Yellow May campaign - Porto do Açu


Açu Port participates in Yellow May campaign

Açu Port is a supporter of the Yellow May campaign, an international awareness movement to reduce traffic accidents.

The main goal is to bring attention to traffic safety and mobilize society, involving all segments to effectively discuss the matter.

In addition to lectures by port associates, during the whole month there will be educational actions on the roads that give access to the enterprise. Carried out in partnership with the Municipal Department of Transportation and Traffic and the Municipal Guard of São João da Barra, these actions will educate drivers about safe and defensive driving.

The effort is part of the program for Transit and Traffic Improvement and Control developed by Prumo, the company that develops and operates Açu Port, and aims to increase awareness about safety and dangers on the road.

In order to participate in the Yellow May Campaign, please visit http://maioamarelo.com/