Açu Port receives nautical chart for operation - Porto do Açu


Açu Port receives nautical chart for operation

At the end of November Açu Port received the nautical chart issued by the Navy for the operation of terminals 1 and 2.

The document contains hydrographic information about the port such as depth, signaling buoys demarcating the approach channel, anchorage, wind roses, amongst others. All this data is used to guide the ship’s captain when mooring.

“The publication of the nautical chart sets a performance standard for Açu Port and recognizes its services internationally. This provides greater control and safety for marine traffic and captains of the ships arriving at the terminals, in addition to the reliability of the marine authority”, said Prumo’s operations manager, Joffre Villote, who is also the sea captain of the Brazilian Navy.

Now its nautical chart has been approved, Açu Port can receive ships with a draught of up to 7 meters. As the dredging to 10 meters has finished, a new bathymetry is in progress so the port can receive larger vessels, with a draught of a further 9 meters.

The first two operations in the terminals were performed during commissioning and had the support of instruments of CCOTM (Operational Maritime Traffic Control Centre), in addition to nautical signaling. ​