Açu Port supports state government’s reading incentive program and workshop in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Açu Port supports state government’s reading incentive program and workshop in São João da Barra

Local librarians and educators were invited to the event

Always aware of the importance of fostering culture, Açu Port will support a meeting organized by the state government for local educators and cultural professionals in the Municipal Auditorium of São João da Barra. The goal is to encourage reading as a habit, broaden access to books and prepare mediators for reading incentive processes. The gathering will take place next Wednesday, from 9:30 am to 1 pm, and include the presentation of the Rio de Janeiro State Plan for Books, Reading, Literature and Libraries (PELLLB/RJ), followed by the Incentive to Reading Spaces Workshop. The event is the result of a partnership between the State System of Libraries, the Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro State, the Reading and Knowledge Superintendence of São João da Barra, and Açu Port.

“The port is very proud to enable a project such as this one. To encourage reading in our region and to fuel a passion for reading is not just the government’s job. It is our role as well, as a society that wishes to develop and evolve. If we can contribute to education and culture in our community, we will certainly work in that direction,” said Gleide Gomes, Social Responsibility Coordinator of Açu Port.

Lectures and debates will be conducted by Renata Costa, Michele Silva and Hanna Gledyz, who work in the Coordination of the State System of Libraries, and the target audiences are teachers, librarians, students, managers and readers of the northern part of Rio de Janeiro State.
The event will hold the online election of the Work Group who will be responsible for guiding the PELLLB/RJ and must be formed by representatives of the people. This meeting is one of many being held in Rio de Janeiro cities as part of the activities to increase awareness, encouragement and knowledge of the plan.

The workshop that will close the meeting is focused on the creation of reading spaces throughout the State. These spaces will be addressed as paths to social transformation. To that end, representatives of public, private and community libraries will discuss the new scenario, how to make them attractive to residents and how to organize book collections so as to respect diversity and local experience.

Bruno Costa, advisor of Cultural Policy for northern Rio de Janeiro, believes this is an excellent opportunity to share information, especially as it is a subject of extreme importance for the formation of citizens. “Addressing libraries, books and reading is to focus on the core of a society that wishes to advance. When we abandon this theme, we certainly contribute to inefficiency. Seeing a library as a warehouse with books on shelves is a waste. It must be seen as a suitable place for social transformation,” he added. ​