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Açu Port technicians are trained in crane maintenance

Team attends two weeks of classes at T-MULT offered by an instructor sent by the German manufacturer

This week, Açu Port completed training for eight technicians working in the Multicargo Terminal (T-MULT) for maintenance of the enterprise’s Mobile Harbor Cranes. Manufactured by Germany’s Terex/Gottwald, the equipment was imported late last year, with an initial investment of 26 million reais. Cranes were already used to hoist vessel parts, in the commissioning phase. Now, after collaborators were certified by the manufacturer, the equipment may be used for any type of cargo or operation.

Training was offered by an instructor sent by Terex, supported by a translator who also works for the German company and has experience in operations. “The main goal is to transmit as much information as possible about this new technology, so that technicians are able to maintain cranes with quality and safety. The goal is to ensure that all of them have overall knowledge of the machine and are able to identify a problem, either mechanical or electrical, and solve it,” explained instructor Michel Karaboue.

For the technicians, learning about cranes from a qualified professional is a big opportunity. “Being a new high-tech machine, it is great to have this exchange of information so that we can update and enhance what we know. This opportunity to have a representative from the manufacturer here with us is extremely important,” said automation technician Ednilson Freire.

“Integration of the mechanic, electric and automation areas during training is essential, because we depend a lot on one another while working. At this learning stage, it could not have been different,” added Wellinton Souza, who is also an automation technician.

The cranes weigh together about 800 tons. Each has a radius of 46 meters and hoisting capacity of up to 100 tons. With this equipment, cargo handling between T-MULT’s storage patio and the ships will increase by at least 30%.

About T-MULT
With two berths installed on 500 meters of quayside, T-MULT has 14.5 meters in depth and capacity to handle 4 million tons per year (including solid bulk and general cargo).

Açu Port signed a contract with Votorantim Metais to handle 300,000 tons of bauxite and pet coke per year. Overall, T-MULT is expected to handle 2 million tons of bauxite per year.

With the possibility to expand quayside to 1,200 meters and increase the retro-area for storage, T-MULT will also handle coal, clinker, fertilizers, ornamental rocks, containers, motor vehicles and more.​