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Açu Port to welcome another five in-company stores

The In-Company Stores Project, launched in July by Açu Port’s Supply Committee, will get a big boost next year. In early 2017, five new stores are expected to open inside the port complex. Installed in containers, they will sell tools, abrasives, construction material (electric and plumbing) and offshore support equipment (belts, pipes, cables and floats). In addition to these shops, there will also be a lab to check equipment and a cargo agent office.

“We are very pleased with the In-Company Stores Project. There is no doubt that attracting suppliers to be inside the port complex will bring greater agility and efficiency to our clients. The Personal Protective Equipment store, which was the first to be installed, is proof of this idea. Hence, our goal is to expand this project further,” João Kapiska, Açu Port Supply Manager, said.

In-Company Stores are installed in containers measuring 12 meters in length and 3 meters in width and meet exclusively the immediate demands of the enterprise’s companies and clients. The person in charge of the PPE store, opened in July, is happy with results. “Supplying inside the port is a unique opportunity. We rely on the infrastructure offered by the enterprise and have an array of clients in the same space. Other advantages are the logistics benefits and the fact that we meet the exclusive needs of each client. The result has been quite gratifying,” Rodrigo Parud, General Manager of Solução EPI Ltda, said.

The decision about the types of products and services to be sold by the stores is made by Açu Port’s Supply Committee, formed by representatives of all companies that operate on the enterprise. In their monthly meetings, companies present their demands and challenges in terms of contractors. Then, the products and services are chosen and a bidding process is carried out among companies registered in the supplier databank to define which ones will operate the in-company stores.

How to participate
In order to participate in the bidding process that will select the planned stores, the company must be registered in the Açu Port’s supplier database. To enroll, please send an e-mail to cadastro.fornecedores@prumologistica.com.br. The bidding process will start in late October and only companies already enrolled will be invited to participate.

The In-Company Stores Project has a dedicated space of 7,000 m² located by the office of Prumo Logística, the operator and developer of Açu Port. In order to compete, companies must present a technical proposal and a commercial proposal, which will go through an approval process. By renting the lot, the selected suppliers receive support from the port with their electricity and water needs. Other expenses, such as the store’s structure and labor, are the responsibility of the contracted company.