Açu Port welcomes fishermen from Farol de São Thomé - Porto do Açu


Açu Port welcomes fishermen from Farol de São Thomé

​Prumo welcomed last Wednesday, 7, 22 fishermen from Farol de São Thomé at Açu Port. The group, from Colony Z19, watched a video about the enterprise and a presentation by Navy Capitan-Lieutenant Carlos Antônio Cabral Barreto, who also represents the São João da Barra branch of Port Authority.

The officer spoke about navigation safety and matters involving maritime competences and the responsibilities of each vessel commander, in addition to federal legislation and the importance of proper documentation for vessel traffic.

Prumo teams presented the Socio-Environmental Programs developed by the company, including support to fishing activities in the area under direct influence of the enterprise.

The group visited the offshore, onshore and Multicargo terminals and the Control and Operations Center for Marine Traffic (CCOTM), which monitors all ships entering and leaving the Port.​