Brazil Cooks Program trains 100+ people in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Brazil Cooks Program trains 100+ people in São João da Barra

Course supported by Ferroport provides instructions on no-waste meals and has been attended by about 500 city residents

Another edition of the Brazil Cooks Program was completed in São João da Barra, attended by more than 100 people. In addition to learning how to make full use of foods, on the last they of the course, everyone enrolled attended a ceremony to receive certificates. During the three-day program (now in its fifth edition in the city), participants learned how to prepare easy recipes that include often-discarded ingredients, such as skins, seeds and stems of fruits and veggies. They also learned how to cook meals preserving flavor and nutrients, always focusing on improving the household income. The action is an initiative by Ferroport (the Prumo Logística-Anglo American joint venture that operates the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal) and SESI (Brazilian Social Services for the Industry), supported by the Mayor’s Office of São João da Barra.

Marcio Redivo, Sustainability manager at Ferroport, explained that the population usually throws out more than 30% of the food and the course can help to spread the no-waste culture. “We are pleased to see steady growth in participation in the Brazil Cooks Program. It shows that we are bringing the right content to the community. The goal is to present an alternative to generate income as well as a proposal for healthy eating,” he said.

IMG_3246.JPGParticipants learned how to prepare recipes including a quiche made of pumpkin rinds, pizza with spinach stalks, and a cake made of bananas and their skin. Nutrient-packed juices, such as one combining passion fruit and beets with their skin, were included in the course. Rita Euzébio, owner of a party hall in the region, already knows how she will apply these recipes to her work. “I will make spinach pizza and call it “Incredible Hulk’s Pizza” and I will create another one using beets and name it “Princesses’ Pizza”. With green and pink versions, they will no doubt be a hit in children’s parties,” said Rita.

The program is offered to the general population and classes are attended by housewives, students, industrial, retail and self-employed workers. This time, lessons were held in the Social Aid Reference Centers of Barcelos and the 5th District.

Cláudia Falcão, secretary of Social Aid in São João da Barra, reported that the program results from a partnership that has presented very positive outcomes. “We are very glad with our partnership with Ferroport and SESI. I know participants of past editions who are making money from what they learned in Brazil Cooks and contributing to the family income. The key, no doubt, is to leverage this knowledge,” she said.