CECA promotes public hearing about dredging works to deepen Terminal 1’s access channel at Açu Port - Porto do Açu


CECA promotes public hearing about dredging works to deepen Terminal 1’s access channel at Açu Port

Project addresses dredging for increasing depth, width and extension of T1’s maritime access channel

Porto do Açu Operações, a subsidiary of Prumo Logística, the company responsible for managing and developing Açu Port, participates today (27) in a public hearing for broadening and deepening the access channel of Terminal 1 (T1). Environmental studies developed for the project will be presented during the hearing, which takes place in the city of São João da Barra and is promoted by the State Commission of Environment Control (CECA), with support from the State Environmental Institute (INEA).

In addition to increasing depth to 25 meters from 21 meters, there are plans to expand width to 280 meters from 230 meters, and to extend the T1 access channel by 6.1 km to 19.3 km from 13 km.

Total investment is estimated at 700 million reais and the execution will last 14 months. Two hopper dredges will be employed, being among the most widely-used vessels for dredging services in Brazil, particularly in works to deepen access channels of port facilities. All the dredged material will be taken to an area in the high sea, which is also addressed by the license.

With more depth, Açu Port will be able to receive Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC), which carry up to 320 ktons, in its Oil Terminal (T-OIL), located at T1. Currently, Açu Port’s T1 has a depth of 21 meters and is able to receive Aframax and Suezmax-type oil tankers of up to 220 ktons.

T1’s new operational capacity will foster regional economic growth and, when fully operational, T-OIL will ensure a significant increase in ISS tax revenues by the city of São João da Barra, estimated at 10% (ten percent) of current municipal revenues.

About Açu Port
Located in São João da Barra (Rio de Janeiro State), Açu Port started operations in 2014 and, with excellence in safety, offers infrastructure solutions to leading companies in their industries. Operated and developed by Prumo Logística, Açu Port covers 90 km², divided into two terminals: Terminal 1 (T1 – offshore terminal) and Terminal 2 (T2 – onshore terminal), in addition to an area for installation of facilities by maritime and industrial companies. In 2015, 207 vessels moved through Açu Port.

T1 handles iron ore and oil, with berths built across 3 km of quayside. Operating since October 2014, the terminal received last year 66 iron ore ships for Anglo American. Prumo and Anglo American own 50% each of a joint venture called Ferroport. An Oil Terminal (T-OIL) is being built at T1, and starts operations in April 2016.

T2 sits around a navigation channel with 6.5 km in length, 300 meters in width and up to 14.5 meters in depth. Technip, NOV, InterMoor and Wartsila are already operating units at T2.

Also located at T2, the Multicargo Terminal (T-MULT) began operations in July 2015 by handling bauxite for Votorantim. Another client with installations at T2, Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) is building at Açu Port the world’s largest offshore support base and has signed a contract with Petrobras to operate six berths on its terminal. Furthermore, BP and Prumo own 50% each of a joint venture for selling and filling up vessels with marine fuel.​