Tadeu Fraga is the new CEO of Prumo Logística - Porto do Açu


Tadeu Fraga is the new CEO of Prumo Logística

José Magela Bernardes leaves the company after 3 and a half years

Prumo Logística informed today that Mr. Carlos Tadeu Fraga is the new CEO of the company. The executive will replace Mr. José Magela Bernardes, who leaves the company after 3 and a half years.

“Magela has been our CEO since 2015 and has overseen a period of significant progress for Prumo. I’m particularly grateful for the emphasis he provided on operational excellence, safety and integrity. As you may know, Magela was a senior officer with EIG, the controlling shareholder of Prumo, prior to joining the Company so his history with the Company pre-dates him becoming part of the leadership team. I know I speak for my fellow Directors and for my colleagues at EIG in thanking Magela for his exemplary service in support of Prumo and our shared mission”, said R. Blair Thomas, Chairman of Prumo’s Board of Directors and CEO of EIG Global Energy Partners, in letter sent to the company’s executives.

In the Group for nearly 3 years, Tadeu Fraga “is one of the leading experts in oil & gas in Brazil and has unparalleled knowledge, experience and relationships in the industry”, said R. Blair Thomas.

Tadeu Fraga and José Magela will initiate a transition period to ensure the Porto of Açu’s growth trajectory through continuity and renewal.

About Prumo
Prumo is a multi-business economic group responsible for the development of the Port of Açu Complex, one of the main ports in Brazil. Through the 6 companies that make up the group (Porto of Açu Operations, Ferroport, Açu Petróleo, GNA, Dome and BP Prumo), we operate in the mining, port logistics, energy and O & G segments.