Check out how we are running our operations


In order to prevent the virus from spreading, the following actions have been implemented:

Creation of a Risk Committee attended by the senior management of all the companies of the Prumo Group . In daily meetings, the Committee monitors the latest developments of the Coronavirus and decides on new preventive measures if necessary;
Creation of an Operational Committee focused on the port’s routine, with daily meetings and updates;
Daily messages to all of the staff members addressing safety and personal hygiene guidelines;
Home office for employees whose activities that can be carried out remotely, in addition to a rotation system for those whose physical presence is required for the continuity of operations;
Priority for online meetings and phone calls;
Preventive isolation of employees who:
– returned from trips abroad,
– show any flu symptoms,
– have been in contact with people who recently visited a risk country;
Temporary cancellation of national and international trips by employees;
Temporary cancellation of events that we planned to host or attend.


The Port of Açu continues to operate

The Port of Açu plays a strategic role in the functioning of the country’s economy and serves as a main gateway for Brazil´s produce. Being aware of our essential role in the country’s infrastructure, we cannot stop our activities. Therefore, the Port of Açu continues to operate.

All terminals (multi-cargo, oil, iron and marine fuels) are carrying out their operations, with vessels arriving and departing. We have enough manpower to handle all cargo entering and leaving the port complex. There are no waiting lines for trucks entering the port and they must all undergo sanitary inspection. This has only been made possible thanks to various security measures that we adopted ever since the earliest reported Covid-19 cases in the country. Learn more about each one of these measures below:

Daily communication offering updates about safety on different work aspects;
Suspension of all institutional visits to companies located in the port;
Educational material distributed around common areas at the offices and in the dedicated buses used by employees to commute to the port;
Hand sanitizer gel in all of our facilities;
Intensification of cleaning routines in common facilities, especially in public transportation modes, restrooms and cafeterias;
Dedicated medical care in case employees show symptoms or had contact with other people showing symptoms;
Controlling the flow of employees in the cafeterias, limiting the amount of people using these facilities at the same time;
Revision of the use of office spaces and operational areas, ensuring a limited concentration of people in the same room and adequate amounts of space between people.
Body temperature checks for people entering our facilities;
Preventive suspension of ongoing construction works at GNA;
Ships are only allowed to dock after the captain’s report on the vessel and crew’s sanitary conditions has been approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

Do your part!

This is a new scenario for each and every one of us, which requires much attention, care and, above all, sense of responsibility. We count on the understanding and collaboration of our employees, clients, partners, suppliers and the local community in complying with the health agencies’ recommendations.


Please be sure to follow the latest medical recommendations and hygiene instructions of the health agencies!