Cookie baking classes sponsored by Ferroport wrap up in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Cookie baking classes sponsored by Ferroport wrap up in São João da Barra

Program is supported by the Mayor’s Office and offered by Senai/RJ

About 15 São João da Barra residents completed today the baking course sponsored by Ferroport, (the Anglo American-Prumo Logística joint venture in charge of the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal). The goal was to prepare people who are interested in the work or already manufacture cookies and sweets, improving product quality and sales efforts.

IMG_0037.JPGMárcio Redivo, Sustainability manager at Ferroport, stressed the importance of preparing locals for the labor market. “We seek to create opportunities for our residents, encouraging them to develop new skills or enhance their existing skills. Our challenge is to contribute so that the people who complete the course can enter the labor market or have an alternative to generate income for their households. Investing in local potential is so satisfying,” said Redivo.

The course lasted one week and was taught by the Rio de Janeiro branch of the National Industrial Education Service (Senai/RJ), with support from the Work and Income Superintendence of the Mayor’s Office. Classes were held at municipal child care center Floriano de Azevedo Siqueira, in Mato Escuro neighborhood, in the city’s Fifth District. This was the second edition of the baking course offered in the town.

IMG_0047.JPGParticipants learned how to make sweet and savory cookies, with buttered dough and even Christmas themes, seizing the opportunity provided by the upcoming holiday season. A recipe for traditional cheese bread was included, as well as tips on freezing, storing and ensuring that cookies end up with the best texture.

Gastronomy professional Flávia Souza, a confectionery mentor at Senai/RJ, explained that the course emphasized practicality: “We teach easy recipes, not requiring dough mixers, for instance, so that people are able to turn what they learned into income in the short term. I hope that they use the content presented during class and take advantage of this experience,” she said.

Participation certificates will be distributed by the start of 2018.​