Course coordinators from Redentor College visit Açu Port - Porto do Açu


Course coordinators from Redentor College visit Açu Port

​Açu Port welcomed yesterday 11 course coordinators from Redentor College, coming from the Campos and Itaperuna campuses and from the distance learning unit.

Professors of Engineering, Business Administration and Information Technology visited the Multicargo Terminal (T-MULT), the iron ore patio and learned about the enterprise’s details.

Before touring the terminals, they watched an institutional video explaining each one of the port’s fields of operations at the Visitors’ Center. Açu Port’s HR specialist Luccas Calabrez made a presentation about services to clients and the responsibilities of each area.

During the visit, professors commented on the port’s potential for job creation and were surprised by its size. “We are thankful for the opportunity and for such a warm welcome. The work is really fantastic. Those who had seen it before were amazed. The system is immense, the area is beautiful and we noticed all the concern with safety. Everything is being done very well. We hope to come back, each one with their own courses, and from now on, we expect to establish lasting ties,” said Rafael Veloso, who coordinates the Production Engineering course in the distance learning unit.​