Creation of Export Processing Zone at Açu Port is discussed in Brasília - Porto do Açu


Creation of Export Processing Zone at Açu Port is discussed in Brasília

​The creation of an Export Processing Zone (ZPE) in the São João Industrial District, located next to Açu Port, was discussed in several meetings in Brasília yesterday. In the morning, the issue was debated in the House of Representatives, during a session of the Transportation Commission.

The session requested by Federal Representative Júlio Lopes presented the distinctions that make Açu Port an excellent location for a ZPE. It would be the second zone of its kind in Rio de Janeiro state and the first one in the Northern part of the state.

“Açu Port has all the conditions to host a ZPE. Our port is operational, located near the biggest consumer markets and has logistical access. The port’s infrastructure is ready and now we will develop the industrial district. The ZPE is the key element to leverage this,” said Prumo CEO José Magela Bernardes.

The Executive-Secretary of the National ZPE Council Thaise Dutra believes that such areas boost Brazil’s export offers, attract investments, create jobs and foster technology diffusion. She informed that there are currently 25 ZPEs in Brazil and 19 of those are in an implementation stage, with constructed infrastructure. ZPEs are free-trade zones where companies which export 80% of their output can set up their facilities.

Federal Representative Washington Reis, Chairman of the Transportation Commission, emphasized the enterprise’s characteristics and its potential to develop the region. “Creation of the ZPE will not only allow growth of the port but of all Northern part of Rio de Janeiro state,” he said.

São João da Barra Mayor José Amaro Martins de Souza said the city has invested in worker qualification and that the industrial district and the port will continue to demand local laborers.

Rio de Janeiro state’s Economic Development Secretary Marcos Capute and the head of the state’s Economic Development Company (Codin), Conceição Ribeiro, also attended the session and supported the creation of the ZPE, stressing that the São João da Barra Industrial District together with Açu Port make the region an excellent location for this incentive, which will be a catalyst for development in the Northern part of Rio de Janeiro state.

Meeting with the Trade Minister
In the afternoon, creation of the ZPE was discussed in a meeting with Marcos Pereira, the Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services. During the event, Representative Júlio Lopes pointed out that Açu Port represents the biggest port infrastructure investment in the Americas. “Nowadays, access facilities to the port are good, management is competent and many aspects allow this to advance,” he said.

Marcos Capute guaranteed that the process to install the ZPE will be supported by the state government. “We are fully interested in the creation of a ZPE at Açu Port. Through Codin, we already developed an Industrial District next to the port. The ZPE is essential for its development”.

Minister Marcos Pereira promised to follow up all stages to create the ZPE. “We want to contribute to the development of the Northern part and of all of Rio de Janeiro state,” he said. The ZPE is expected to be formed within 18 months.

Açu Port was also introduced in the National Industrial Federation (CNI), during an event attended by representatives from many states. Participants learned details of the enterprise, which is a new alternative to ship products made in Brazil.