DOME announces new executive leadership - Porto do Açu


DOME announces new executive leadership

Vinicius Patel is the new director general

Vinicius Patel was named director general of DOME (a GranIHC-Prumo Logística partnership). He is currently the company’s Chief Commercial and Financial Officer and will replace Carlos Tadeu Fraga, who becomes the Chief Executive Officer of Porto do Açu Operações, a subsidiary of Prumo Logística. According to plans laid out by Prumo and GranIHC, Tadeu Fraga will remain a board member of DOME.

Tadeu Fraga participated in DOME’s creation in 2016 and in the development of its business plan. He led the beginning of operations in mid-2017, when he took over as CEO and member of the Board of Administration.

During this period, Tadeu headed the formation of teams, investments to update the infrastructure, definition and implementation of policies and procedures, and commercial efforts, including Memoranda of Understanding and Letters of Intent with partner companies, which will soon result in long-term structuring contracts that will become landmarks in the company’s history.

Prumo Logística

Prumo Logistica S.A is a multi-business company created in 2007 to optimize the development of energy and infrastructure industries in Brazil. Since 2013, it has been controlled by EIG Global Energy Partners, a U.S-based fund focused on energy and infrastructure projects. Prumo develops one of the world’s safest and most efficient port-industry complexes, the Port of Açu.


GranIHC, a Brazilian service provider owned by GranEnergia and Royal IHC, offers innovative and integrated solutions to the logistics and oil & gas industries.