EIG raises equity interest in Prumo - Porto do Açu


EIG raises equity interest in Prumo

​Prumo has announced that last Thursday, day 11, EIG Group, the company that controls Prumo Logística, acquired 124,119,306 common shares, or 6.98% of the company's total stock. The amount belongs to Canada's OTPP fund.

EIG previously held an interest of 52.82% in Prumo. After this acquisition, the Group’s interest in the Company rose to 59.62%.

“EIG negotiated the acquisition of OTPP’s interest in Prumo. In conjunction with our interest in the capital increase in progress, this transaction demonstrates our confidence in the Company. These actions clearly demonstrate our commitment and financial support for the development of Açu Port and its potential to meet the infrastructure and energy requirements of Brazil”, asserts Blair Thomas, the CEO of EIG Group.