Sponsorship Requests

Before submitting an application for your project, please learn more about our focus areas. We seek projects that are aligned with the company`s mission and vision, as well as our business goals.


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended sponsorships, except by the ones requested until mid-March.

Focus Areas

  • Education – Actions that promote education, strengthen the school`s role and contribute to expand development possibilities among children and adolescents;
  • Incentive to Production Chains – Actions that promote income and job creation by supporting traditional economic activities in the region, entrepreneurship, and solidarity economy enterprises (associations and cooperatives);​
  • Labor – Actions that promote professional qualification. Give youths access to the labor market by offering them technical and professional education;​
  • Culture – Give youths access to democratic and high-quality cultural productions, as well as cultural spaces and assets. Value the region`s cultural traditions; ​​
  • Electricity – Corporate events involving the industry, renewable energy sources, research and new technologies for the power industry;​
  • Oil & Gas – Large corporate events, research and technologies, reduction of impacts on the water and marine environments;
  • Logistics – Corporate events addressing logistics solutions for the country, marine environment, transportation impacts, issues related to ports;
  • Sustainability – Events that encourage debate and research on environmental preservation (restinga in particular), sustainable development.​

If your project complies with the Prumo Logística Sponsorship Regulation, please fill out the application form and submit it to evaluation:

Project Selection Process​

All support requests must be submitted by filling out the online form available on the Port of Açu website. Projects will be analyzed and those more closely aligned with our strategic investment guidelines will be submitted to the Compliance area and Prumo board for approval.

All requests will be answered in up to 60 working days, starting from the date of submittal.​