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16 September 2021

GNA starts commercial operations of its first power plant at Port of Açu (RJ)

GNA – Gás Natural Açu, a joint venture amongst bp, Siemens, SPIC Brasil and Prumo Logística, controlled by EIG Global Energy Partners, announced that, today, September 16, it had received authorization from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (Aneel) to start the commercial operations of all generation units of GNA I.…

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1 February 2021

Prumo, bp and Siemens close agreement with SPIC to participate in energy infrastructure projects in Brazil

Prumo, a private Brazilian company controlled by EIG Global Energy Partners, and bp, Siemens and SPIC Brasil (“SPIC”) today announced the completion of the previously announced transaction by which SPIC acquired 33% of GNA I and GNA II LNG-to-power projects located in Port of Açu, Rio de Janeiro. SPIC has…

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21 August 2019

EIG Announces major development at Prumo Logistica

Gas Natural Açu, Prumo’s subsidiary, draws on US$750 million project financing for 1.3GW first phase of LNG-to-power complex

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9 August 2018

Dome and Seadrill sign partnership toward integrity of drillship in the Port of Açu

Dome will warm stack the West Carina, Seadrill’s drillship, in the Port of Açu

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30 July 2018

Brazil’s Minister of Mines and Energy authorizes implementation of 2nd thermal power plant in the Port of Açu

Generating 3GW, Açu will become the largest thermal power complex in Latin America