Social Management

O​ur Vision

Shared Value

Pursue sustainable social-economic development through actions that promote value not only for the Company`s shareholders and investors, but also for society, during the enterprise`s entire life cycle.

Value communities surrounding the enterprise and support local social-economic progress, based on open and transparent dialogue, contributing to income generation and better quality of life for the population.

Act proactively to solve social-environmental issues around the port complex arising from the Company`s activities.

Sustainable Local Development

Support sustainable local and regional development, in consonance with the enterprise`s growth over the years.

Social Actions and Projects in the Location


– Construction of a power transmission line of 24 km and 34.5 kV on Cajueiro road;
– Construction work to complete the Caetá junction, by highway BR 356;
– Pavement of the Pedreira- Porto road – 39.2 km;
– Dredging of the CEHAB canal;
– Pavement and enhancement of internal roads in the 5th and 6th Districts of São João da Barra (58 km);
– Construction of 2 artesian wells and drinking water distribution systems to the Sabonete, Enjeitado, Barra do Jacaré, Campos de Areia 2, Cazumbá, Concha 1 and 2 and Barra do Açu communities (60 km network);

Support to Public Administration

– Technical support provided to the City of São João da Barra to design the town`s Urban Plan and Land Utilization and Occupation Law;


– Socio-economic diagnosis of the entire area of influence of the port for the creation of a Social Management Plan;
– Specific socio-economic diagnosis of the 5th District of São João da Barra;
– Overall diagnosis of Traditional Fishing in the region;
– Diagnosis of educational levels of fishermen living in São João da Barra;

Support to traditional fishing

– Dental clinics – Renovation and donation of equipment to fishing colonies Z-01 and Z-02;
– IT Lab – Renovation, donation of equipment and personnel training;
– Licenses for 23 fishing boats;
– Utilization of fishing boats to support port operations (dredging and overall support services);
– Renovation of the headquarters of the Açu Fishing Center – Colony Z-02;
– Donation of navigation kits to fishing colonies Z-01 and Z-02;
– Donation of speedboat and computer to fishing colony Z-02 for the mangrove cleaning program;
– Implementation of a Fishermen Training Center – Colony Z-02;
– Purchase of property to serve as headquarters of the Farol de São Thomé Fishing Colony Z-19;
– Courses, workshops and training at Colony Z-01;

Support to traditional fishing

– Family Farming Strengthening Program – Implementation of sustainable agricultural technologies: environmentally sustainable vegetable gardens and protected greenhouses; partnership with UFRRJ (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro) to provide technical assistance.
– Donation of 5 tractors and 5 plough grids to associations of rural producers;
– Donation of 1 bus and 1 truck to the São João da Barra Municipal Secretary of Agriculture;

Support to public healthcare

– Renovation and expansion of the Açu Emergency Center;

Support to public safety

– Donation of 2 buses and equipment to the Travelling Court project;
– Donation of 5 vehicles to Civil and Military Police forces;

Appreciation for local culture

– Support to Traditional Carnival Groups of São João da Barra;
– Support to the Fishermen’s Party – (Fishing Colony Z2 – Atafona);
– “Culture on Wheels” Theater Project;
– Carnival songs competition;
– Capoeira project – Donation of musical instruments, audio equipment and apparel;
– Certification of Cultural Heritage and Territorial Development Center (CDT);

Social Programs

– Traffic Education Program;
– Social Communication Program, description of health conditions of workers and people who live in the surrounding community;
– Professional Qualification Program;
– Program to Support Family Farming;
– Program to Compensate Fishing Activities;
– Community Visitation Program;
– Environmental Education Program.
– Local Supplier Development Program, in partnership with SEBRAE;

Other Ongoing Social Initiatives

– Implementation of a Fishing Hub in Atafona (City of São João da Barra);
– Employability Network;
– Social Monitoring and Agricultural Support;
– Urban Occupation Monitoring;
– Fishing Output Monitoring Project
– Fair in the Port Program

Among many ongoing actions, Vila da Terra deserves a special mention:

Vila da terra