Ferroport concludes Installations Security and Electrical Services course (NR-10) - Porto do Açu


Ferroport concludes Installations Security and Electrical Services course (NR-10)

Qualification course trains 50 from São João da Barra

Forty residents of São João da Barra were trained in the Installations Security and Electrical Services course (NR-10), offered by Ferroport (a Prumo Logistica – Anglo American joint venture), the company responsible for the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal. The course, divided in two sessions, began September 16 and was concluded today, with the closing class of the second group. The initiative had the support of the National Industrial Education Service (Senai) and the São João da Barra municipal superintendence of Labor and Income.
Foto 3.jpgThe goal of the course was to develop abilities which allow students to recognize, evaluate, prevent, and control professional risks which result from work with electricity, as well as to fight outbreaks of fires and offer first aide in case of accidents, according to the NR 10 mandates.
Ferroport Sustainability manager, Márcio Redivo, emphasizes the importance of the professional qualification not only to open doors to new job possibilities, but also to improve the participants’ knowledge. “We have reached the conclusion of yet another training session and are enjoying a sense of mission accomplished. We managed to reach a wider audience than we initially predicted, specifically to attend to the local demand. Today, certainly, we have 50 local residents prepared to perform in the electrical services area,” said Redivo.

Beyond the lectures given by Senai professionals, the participants also heard electrician Andre Lopes, of Atafona, who began as a Young Apprentice in Ferroport. “I graduated in Electricity from IFF of São João da Barra and, four and a half years ago, joined the company as a Young Apprentice. Over time, I grew and learned a lot and, today, I am part of a team of collaborators,” said Andre, encouraging the students.