Ferroport organizes health event for the Açu community, in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Ferroport organizes health event for the Açu community, in São João da Barra

Nearly 30 people participated in action related to World TB Day

Ferroport, the company responsible for the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal, organized this morning, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of São João da Barra, an event focused on healthcare, seizing the opportunity provided by World TB Day, on March 24. About 30 people participated in the action that encompassed activities with a physical training instructor, lectures about health and well-being, blood pressure and glucose tests, in addition to informative flyers.

The open event was held at Açu’s Family Health Strategy Center (ESF). Initially, Ferroport’s plan was to hold one more Iron Health Walk, already well-known by the locals, but an adaptive change was required due to stormy weather on Wednesday. According to Márcio Redivo, Sustainability Manager at Ferroport, the rain did not get in the way of the program.

IMG_20180321_090121929.jpg”The rain was not a hurdle to our event in any way. Actually, some participants still wanted to walk, not caring if they got wet, but we chose to offer physical activities in a sheltered facility, inside the health center, and postponed the walk to next week. The silver lining is that we now have two dates to encourage people to improve their quality of life,” he said.

In addition to an invitation to exercise, the event aimed to inform people about tuberculosis and involve them in the fight against the disease.

The new date for the Iron Walk next week was not yet defined. As soon as the program is adjusted, Ferroport will post an invitation open to all who wish to participate.