Ferroport sponsors a new edition of the Fine Baking course in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Ferroport sponsors a new edition of the Fine Baking course in São João da Barra

Skills course will benefit 20 professionals from the food sector

Thanks to the success of previous courses, the people of São João da Barra are getting yet another opportunity to participate in the Fine Baking course offered by Ferroport (the Prumo Logística-Anglo American joint venture that operates the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal). A new group, with a total of 20 students, began today in São João da Barra. With a 32-hour credit load, the course seeks to perfect the work of professionals who already work in the field, teaching them new confectionary techniques and strategies for job placement.

Confeitaria 2.jpgMárcio Redivo, Ferroport’s Sustainability manager, explains that the skills courses serve as a starting point for making São João da Barra’s workers more competitive: “These professionals will have the opportunity to upgrade their products and, thereby, invest more confidently in their own businesses. Our goal is to elevate the skills of all participants so that they can, in fact, generate income from baking,” explained Redivo.

Ferroport’s initiative is done in partnership with the National Service of Industrial Learning of Rio de Janeiro (Senai/RJ) and with the Secretary of Social Assistance and Human Rights of São João da Barra. During the classes, the students will learn to bake cakes and more sophisticated sweets, including the famous “naked cake,” to bake pies with whipped cream and to use different types of frosting tips.

Confeitaria 3.jpgThe baking skills professor from Senai/RJ, gastronomist Flávia Souza, feels the course’s objective is to prepare the students for leverage in their own businesses: “We will teach a bit of each technique, but always stay focused on the practicality of the recipes. We will include those that have definite client demand and easy-to-find ingredients. The idea is that all of them leave the course with baggage for getting off to a good start,” she said. This edition of the course on Fine Baking will be going on until the 14th of the month at hotel Pousada Tarde Dourada in Açu.