Ferroport sponsors another savory pastries course in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Ferroport sponsors another savory pastries course in São João da Barra

Enrollment takes place on August 29-31 at CRAS in the 5th District

In an effort to provide more skills training to the São João da Barra population, Ferroport (the Prumo Logística-Anglo American joint venture that operates the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal) will sponsor in September a second course on how to cook savory pastries. The goal is to prepare people for the labor market, while presenting them with an alternative to generate income to support their families. In this initiative, Ferroport has a partnership with the Campos dos Goytacazes branch of SENAI (National Service of Industrial Training) and the Labor and Income Superintendence of the São João da Barra Mayor’s Office.
“Our mission is to bring theoretical and practical training to São João da Barra citizens who seek to enhance their businesses and to those who are looking for another source of income. The courses that we sponsor, focused on the local community, have been showing very positive results. This is why we are committed to continuing contributions to elevate the work skills of the São João da Barra population,” said Márcio Redivo, Ferroport’s Sustainability manager.

The pastries course will be held on September 11-15 from 2pm to 6pm at the Tarde Dourada Inn, in Barra do Açu. Enrollment will be open on August 29-31 from 9am to 4pm in the 5th District’s Social Aid Reference Center (CRAS).

Classes are designed for residents of São João da Barra who are 18 and older and graduated from middle school. To enroll, those interested must be qualified as Confectioners, Bakers or Cooks or have work experience with one of these activities. They should bring the following original documents (not copies): national registration card (RG), tax ID (CPF), proof of residence, voter registration card, military enlistment certificate (for males) and school records.​