Ferroport supports teaching program for the fishing community in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Ferroport supports teaching program for the fishing community in São João da Barra

Action is a partnership with FIPERJ, the Mayor’s Office and Artepeixe

Members of the fishing community of São João da Barra attended last week classes designed specifically for those who work in the field. During two days, a group of 20 people participated in the course focused on Good Practices in Seafood Handling and Processing, which aims to foster entrepreneurship and business opportunities in the sector. The action results from integrated work by Ferroport (a partnership between Prumo Logística and Anglo American), the company in charge of operating the Iron Ore Terminal of the Açu Port Complex; Artepeixe association; the Rio de Janeiro State’s Fishing Institute (FIPERJ); and the Municipal Fishing Secretariat.

“The idea is for fishermen and families who live off fishing to explore the activity as a de facto business. We will encourage them to process fish and shell fish into more elaborate products, such as hamburgers, sausages and fish cakes and balls. Hence, it will be possible to add value and generate income from the activity,” explained Wanderson Primo de Sousa, Sustainability coordinator at Ferroport.

The Atafona community has benefited from the FIPERJ teaching program for seven years. With the involvement of Ferroport, Quixaba residents also managed to get to Artepeixe headquarters to attend classes, which were practical and theoretical and ran over 16 hours. All participants received a certificate issued by the foundation.

“We are very glad to expand the course and encourage people who live off fishing here in the region to share their experiences. Partnerships are crucial to develop this work. Actions such as this one value and ensure growth for this activity that is so important for the local economy,” Fernanda Pires, chairwoman of the association, said.

The teaching program will offer new classes according to future demand from the Fishing Secretariat. Those interested in participating should contact the secretariat to enroll.