Forklift Operator course is completed in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Forklift Operator course is completed in São João da Barra

Ferroport initiative trained 40 city residents

​Empilhadeira 2.jpgThe Forklift Operator course, promoted by Ferroport (the Prumo Logística-Anglo American joint venture that operates the Port of Açu’s Iron Ore Terminal), was completed yesterday and trained 40 participants. Throughout August, participants were split into two groups, and are now able to drive, stack, load and unload forklift trucks safely, efficiently and in compliance with the norms of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, for their own protection and their colleagues’. The initiative is the result of a partnership with SENAI (National Service of Industrial Training) and the Secretariat of Social Assistance and Human Rights of São João da Barra.

“Our goal is to contribute more and more to the professional qualification of São João da Barra residents and their consequent insertion in the labor market. We were quite surprised by the high demand for the forklift operator course, whose first edition was a great success. We will strive to open new classes next year,” said Márcio Redivo, Ferroport’s Sustainability manager.

Empilhadeira 4.jpgSome course participants are in search of professional relocation, while others already work in the field and want to gain experience. This was the case of Valter dos Santos, who already operates cranes and backhoes. “Job training is always welcome. I already work moving loads and I’m very interested in being able to perform one more function. The course was an opportunity to expand my field of expertise,” said the operator.

The course offered by SENAI addressed general rules for driving forklifts, balance and stability of equipment, safety concepts and other necessary knowledge. In addition to the learning material, students received uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and will also get course certificates.

Ferroport has sponsored a number of courses aimed at São João da Barra residents in partnership with the Mayor’s Office. The next one, on September 11-15, will focus on savory pastries, with the support of the Campos dos Goytacazes branch of SENAI (National Service of Industrial Training). Today is the last day to enroll at the 5th District’s Social Aid Reference Center (CRAS), from 9am to 4pm.