GranEnergia and Prumo Logística GranEnergia create Dome - Porto do Açu


GranEnergia and Prumo Logística GranEnergia create Dome

GranEnergia and Prumo Logística today formalized their partnership to offer integrated service solutions for the oil & gas industry. Activities of the company named Dome will be centralized in Açu Port, a superior area in terms of location and infrastructure.

Operations will begin in November. Dome aims to contribute to increase efficiency, streamline costs and ensure the integrity of facilities, seeking sustainability for O&G operations and projects. Initially, the focus will be on integrity management services and modernization of vessels and equipment, including manufacturing spools, structures, modules and skids, in addition to logistics support services to the offshore industry and others set up in Açu Port.

“GranEnergia and Prumo share the same values and their businesses are complementary. The partnership aims to offer integrated services such as support from state-of-the-art infrastructure. Dome is now here to enable the development of a complete, competitive and innovative service hub, and will bring solutions to the industry’s challenges,” said Miguel Gradin, CEO of GranEnergia.

Located on the left margin of the Onshore Terminal (Terminal 2) of Açu Port, Dome will initially occupy a total area of 47,000 m², with 17,000 m² in facilities that are already built, such as administrative buildings, workshops, warehouses and others. This infrastructure relies on 460 linear meters of quayside ready for immediate use. Furthermore, to meet different market needs, the area initially occupied by Dome can be expanded.

Another Dome advantage is the possibility to use Açu Port’s infrastructure to serve clients, such as the Multicargo Terminal (T-MULT) and the Naval Repair Terminal, which is being developed and will be located in the breakwater of Açu’s Onshore Terminal. Use of these terminals will give the company greater flexibility to serve its clients, offering superior infrastructure, with draft up to 14.5 meters.
“Dome will be a one-stop-shop and will offer services customized to the needs of each client. That means cost reductions, greater efficiency and elimination of bottlenecks,” said José Magela, CEO of Prumo Logística, the developer and operator of Açu Port.

Earlier in the year, GranEnergia and Prumo tested the potential benefits of this partnership, when the Olympia Unit for Maintenance and Service (UMS Cidade de Araruama), owned by GranEnergia, moored at T-MULT for an upgrade. Services were executed in half the time originally expected, thanks to the successful combination of GranEnergia’s competences in integrity management and logistics support with the advantages and infrastructure offered by Prumo, thus reducing costs and the unit’s stoppage period.

Among the first of Dome’s clients is GranEnergia, which now has an operational alternative in Açu Port. Synergy and complementarity between the companies are also reflected in their principles and values. “Our partnership is a joint operation formed by a team focused on the development of innovative and integrated solutions, seeking to create value for our clients and partners, having Safety and Compliance as fundamental principles,” added Miguel Gradin.

About GranEnergia
Created in 2011, GranEnergia is 100% Brazilian, controlled by GranInvestimentos, the holding group of the Gradin family, with investments in O&G services and integrated logistics.

In May 2014, the company started operations with its first Unit for Maintenance and Safety (UMS) to ensure operational excellence and the integrity of oil & gas production platforms. The unit was award Vessel of the Year (2014), due to its innovation, versatility, high performance and efficiency. In September 2014, offshore integrity management operations began in partnership with Enesa, serving two UMS and six rigs, mobilizing more than 1,500 people in a very short time period and offering operational excellence.

About Açu Port
Prumo is a multi-business company, designed to optimize energy and infrastructure development in Brazil. Controlled by EIG Global Energy Partners, a U.S.-based fund focused on the energy and infrastructure industries, Prumo is the developer of Açu Port, one of the safest and most efficient port-industry complexes in the world.

Açu Port is located in São João da Barra (Rio de Janeiro state) on 90 km², divided into two terminals: Terminal 1 (T1 – Offshore Terminal) and Terminal 2 (T2 – Onshore Terminal), in addition to an area dedicated to facilities installed by maritime and industrial enterprises.

T1 handles iron ore and crude oil, with berths built along 3 km of quayside. Operating since October 2014, the terminal welcomed more than 100 iron-ore ships for Anglo American (which operates in Conceição do Mato Dentro, Minas Gerais state) and handled more than 13 million tons. Prumo and Anglo American each own 50% stakes in a joint venture named Ferroport. T1 encompasses the Oil Terminal (T-OIL), already operating and with capacity to handle 1.2 mbpd.

T2 is composed of the surrounding area of the canal for navigation, with 6.5 km in length, 300 meters in width and up to 14.5 meters in depth. Technip, NOV, InterMoor, Wartsila, Edison Chouest and TECMA (Açu Marine Fuel Terminals) already operate their own facilities at the terminal.