IFF students from São João da Barra visit the Port of Açu and share experiences with professionals - Porto do Açu


IFF students from São João da Barra visit the Port of Açu and share experiences with professionals

The meeting’s goal was to present the infrastructure and opportunities in the enterprise

Aware of its social responsibility and commitment to the education of the city’s youths, the Port of Açu sponsored today a meeting in the Port Complex with students of the federal learning institute (IFF) in São João da Barra. About 40 of IFF’s high schoolers attended a presentation about the enterprise, visited operational areas and talked with young professionals who work in the Port of Açu.

High school and university students from the region have been welcomed by the Visitation Program since 2009, but for the first time they had the chance to talk with port associates, understand the work they perform, and the paths that led them to being hired as employees of the complex. In addition to promoting this exchange, the meeting’s goal was to show youths the many opportunities available in the labor market and help them to choose professions.

DSC03661.JPGThe Port of Açu’s Social Responsibility coordinator, Izabel Sousa, reported plans to hold such meetings on a regular basis: “This first action showed us how positive it is when the Port of Açu and the region’s youths get close. We want them not only to see the enterprise, but also see the opportunities that it offers; this becomes clearer in their conversations with our associates who graduated not long ago and already work in the complex,” she said.

After visiting Terminals 1 and 2, students chatted with administrative assistant Talita Barreto, port operator Amaro Rangel, and health and occupational safety assistant Lara Gonçalves. Lara graduated from IFF in 2014 and has worked in the port for the past four years, after a start as an intern in the same area. “I finished the technical course and two months later I was already in the port, after applying for an open position. Now I have been with the company for four years and I feel gratitude in sharing my story with people who are starting their own. Since I started, the complex has only grown and created more and more opportunities. There will be room for a lot of people, but one must be proactive and develop abilities,” she said.