Multicargo Terminal of Porto of Açu receives the first vessel from Antwerp-Açu route - Porto do Açu


Multicargo Terminal of Porto of Açu receives the first vessel from Antwerp-Açu route

Vessel was loaded with the gas turbine from the thermoelectric plant under construction in the Complex; terminal is consolidated as the best option for general cargo

The Multicargo Terminal (T-MULT) of Complex of Port of Açu , located in São João da Barra (Rio de Janeiro), received this week the BBC Amethyst vessel, which brought the first gas turbine of the UTE GNA I, the main equipment that will make up the thermoelectric plant that is under construction by Gas Natural Açu (GNA).

The vessel was the first of the Port of Antwerp-Port of Açu route. Besides the turbine, the ship was also loaded with other equipment and parts for the thermoelectric plant. The entire unloading operation was carried out by T-MULT employees, who are trained to work with different cargos, such as solid bulk, project and general cargo.


“This operation was an important milestone, not only because of the significant cargo it handled, but also because it was the first vessel to make the route between Antwerp and Açu, which ports have been partnering since 2017. Port of Açu t is strategically located in the Southeast region of Brazil, close to the main oil fields, and brings together components that are advantageous in terms of cargo handling, logistics and industry and it is certainly important for the development of both ports. We are sure that many operations will still be carried out along this route”, said Tadeu Fraga, CEO of Port of AçuOperations.

According to Tessa Major, CCO of Port of Açu Operations, “both ports have deep knowledge in the handling of project cargos and aim at sustainable growth. In addition, the competitive advantages of Açu, which was developed in the port-industry concept, were decisive for the success of this operation”, she said.

The turbine, manufactured by Siemens, was transported in the first part of the journey by a barge from Mülheim, Germany, to the Katoen-Natie terminal in Antwerp, where it was later loaded into BBC’s basement. With a capacity of 1.3 GW, the thermoelectric plant will start operating in 2021 and can supply approximately 6 million homes.

Get to know T-MULT
Receiving the cargos for the thermoelectric plant construction directly in a terminal located at Port of Açu is the result of the Complex’s differentials. In addition, Açu has a great road access that enables the transportation of cargos with large dimensions and a Multicargo Terminal able to handle several types of project cargo, including heavy lift. Thus, the whole operation can be carried out in the same place, bringing synergy and reducing the logistical cost for the companies.

The infrastructure of T-MULT is also a differential: 14.5m deep and homologation to receive vessels with draft of up to 13.1 meters – which allows the berth of Panamax vessels, and a quay of 500m, being 340 meters operational. Beyond that, the terminal has 182,000 m² of backyard, large storage yard with up to 1 million m² to support transshipment services and ground support capacity of up to 10 tons/m².

In operation since 2016, T-MULT has no waiting time for mooring and operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.Furthermore, it already carries out import/export of different types of project cargo, such as wind blades off-road trucks and, O&G cargos (risers, coils, Christmas trees for subsea operations, condensers and turbines). The forecast for 2019 is to receive more than 20 vessels, with about 20 thousand tons of project cargo.

Since the beginning of the operations of the MulticargoTerminal in 2016, it registered 96% growth in the volume handled, totaling 1.4 million tons. The product and customer’s portfolios haves also grown significantly. In 2018, for example, seven types of different products were operated for a total of 15 customers, twice the number of 2017. Besides that, T-MULT also achieved an unloading efficiency record of around 22 thousand tons/day.

The differentials of the Multicargo Terminal, as well as its vocation and ability to drive breakbulk, will be presented in two exhibitions in Europe, which take place this month. From May 7th to 9th, Açu will be represented at Antwerp XL, the first edition of the international trade fair, focusing on the logistics of breakbulk, roro and heavy lift, which takes place in Antwerp. From May 21st to 23rd, Porto of Açu will be represented at Breakbulk Europe, in Bremen, Germany. The trade show focuses on breakbulk and project cargo.