At the Port of Açu, our priority is the safety of our employees, suppliers, partners, customers and the local community.

Since the first COVID-19 cases, we have been taking preventive measures in line with recommendations issued by health agencies, keeping everyone’s safety in mind. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, the following actions were implemented:
• Creation of a Risk Committee formed by the senior management of Grupo Prumo companies. In daily meetings, the Committee monitors the latest coronavirus developments and determines new preventive measures, when necessary;
• Creation of an Operational Committee focused on the port’s routine, with daily meetings and updates;
• Daily messages to all of the enterprise’s associates addressing safety and personal hygiene guidelines;
• Home office for employees whose activities that can be carried out remotely, in addition to intercalation of physical presence requirements for those who work in essential activities for the continuity of operations;
• Priority for online meetings and phone calls;
• Hand sanitizer gel placed in common areas;
• Preventive isolation of employees who:
– returned from trips abroad,
– have any flu symptoms,
– were in contact with people who visited a risk country;
• Temporary cancellation of institutional visits to the port and domestic and international trips by employees;
• Temporary cancellation of events that we would host or attend;
• No ship is authorized by the Ministry of Health’s regulatory agency to dock at the port until the commander’s report on the vessel and crew’s sanitary conditions is approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

For all of us, this is a new situation which requires much attention and care. We reinforce our commitment to prevent the virus from spreading. We thank you for understanding and are available to answer any questions.

Please do your part! Follow doctors’ recommendations and hygiene guidelines issued by health agencies!