Port of Açu and Sebrae/RJ organize round of business talks in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu and Sebrae/RJ organize round of business talks in São João da Barra

Goal is to bring together local entrepreneurs and companies with facilities in the Port Complex

In partnership with Sebrae/RJ (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service in Rio de Janeiro), the Port of Açu is organizing a round of business talks to bring local entrepreneurs together with companies with facilities in the Port Complex. Two meetings, on August 15 and 16, will be held in the City Hall for the Elderly in São João da Barra. The purpose is to inform small companies of the enterprise’s demands and have them present their services to representatives of the port who will attend the event. Leading firms such as the Port of Açu, Ferroport, BP Prumo, NOV and BPort have RSVP’d. The action is part of the Local Supplier Development Program (PDFL), whose goal is to prepare businesses intent on providing services to the Port Complex.

“Getting closer is important for us at the port as well as for small entrepreneurs, who will have the opportunity to understand and meet our needs. Being able to rely on local suppliers in our operations is extremely positive. It means optimizing our work,” said João Kapiska, supply manager of Port of Açu.

About 100 micro and small companies are expected to attend the meetings, which focus only on segments requested by those who operate in the Açu Port Complex. “The number of regional participants is expected to increase significantly from previous rounds, as a consequence of the work that we developed together with the Port of Açu in the six-year old Local Supplier Development Program. Once again, our goal is to maximize the benefits arising from the port to the region’s entrepreneurs,” said Gilberto Soares, regional coordinator of Sebrae/RJ in the northern part of the state.

In order to enroll in the business round, companies must register at https://dinamus.rodadasonline.com.br/ or call Sebrae/RJ at (22) 2723-2429. Enrollment ends on Tuesday, August 8.

Açu Procurement Portal

To make purchasing processes easier, the Port of Açu recently launched the Online Procurement Portal. The platform is the new media to register companies interested in providing all kinds of services inside the Port Complex. Implemented in partnership with SAP Ariba, the portal allows online bidding and procurement. Suppliers can register directly on the website (portodoacu.supplier.ariba.com), which also showcases the port’s demands.

Data about suppliers registered in the Procurement Portal are available to companies in the Port Complex and to other users of the platform, generating new business opportunities.