Port of Açu attracts mega-investment by GNA - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu attracts mega-investment by GNA

7 billion Reais will be invested in the development of the largest thermoelectric park in Latin America

At OTC Houston 2018 (Offshore Technology Conference), it was very clear an optimistic buzz prevailed towards the Brazilian oil and gas sector. According to insider experts, the O&G in Brazil is predicted to enjoy a boost of industry in the next years, with the recovery of oil prices and new bidding rounds scheduled for 2018 and 2019. This positive vibe has now already been validated by a new mega project at Port of Açu, Brazil’s major Oil&Gas hub.

Port of Açu just concluded a deal with GNA (Gas Natural Açu), involving key players Siemens & BP. The deal consists of a landlease agreement for the construction of thermo power plants and the use of a terminal for gas import and regasification.

“This unique partnership emphasizes once again that Açu is a fast-growing hub for Oil&Gas and the port is determined to strengthen its “Top of Mind” position towards the entire industry”, said José Magela, CEO of Port of Açu.

The 1st phase comprises 2 thermal power plant leasing approximately 805.000 m², during a term of 23 years, renewable for up to 25 additional years. Accounting for circa 3GW capacity all together, the first thermal power plant in the Port Industrial Complex will be covering approximately 378,000 m², with an expansion option to implement the second thermal power plant of approximately 426,000 m². In addition, the agreement also includes the use of the North Mole of the Terminal 2 for the development of a LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) regasification terminal project, with a sufficient initial capacity to cover for the natural gas supply demands of the thermal power plants.

The 2nd phase will comprise up to 3 additional thermal power plants, as GNA obtained a power generation capacity license for 6.4 GW and therefor allows for additional thermoelectric projects in the future.

“This unprecedented project will develop at the Port of Açu the largest thermoelectric park in Latin America, generating 3GW of energy. This project re-energizes Port of Açu’s pivotal position and strong engagement for the long term”, commented Bernardo Perseke, CEO of GNA.

GNA will invest more than 7 billion Reais in the development of these two thermal power plants and a regasification terminal. The first power plant is planned to start delivering energy to the national power grid by 2021 and the 2nd plant by 2023. The cooperation between Port of Açu and GNA started in 2017, when GNA participated in a national bidding rounds and acquired an already awarded PPA and secured energy contracts to provide to the Brazilian energy grid.

Açu Gas Hub
The installation of the terminal and thermal power plants is part of the Açu Gas Hub, which will be developed within the Port Industrial Complex. The Hub is a private solution for the flow, processing and monetization of natural gas from the production fields in Campos and Santos basins, contributing to the associated gas flow in a competitive manner.

The development of the gas hub can also serve as a pull factor for companies that are able to use the gas as raw material or that seek greater competitiveness in energy costs by settling in Port of Açu.

It attracts new customers to the industry, connecting producers directly to consumers. All companies located in Port of Açu which use gas as a raw material or source of energy, can benefit from the Açu Gas Hub.