Port of Açu launches a new supplier registration platform - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu launches a new supplier registration platform

Online Procurement Portal will optimize processes

The Port of Açu launched a new platform to optimize purchasing processes for suppliers. The Online Procurement Portal already went live and will be the new media to register companies interested in providing all kinds of services inside the port complex. Implemented in partnership with SAP Ariba, the portal will allow online procurement. From now on, suppliers can register directly on the website, which will also show port demands.

“The Procurement Portal was created to increase efficiency in our processes. Using the new platform, companies located in the port will have access to the list of available suppliers and may invite them to participate in eventual bidding rounds. It is an effort to reduce costs and risks through better collaboration between commercial partners,” explained João Kapiska, Supplier manager of the Port of Açu.

SAP Ariba is a business collaboration network that enables direct electronic interaction between suppliers and customers, so that companies can track all procurement processes they participate in the Port of Açu in real time and transparently.

Companies interested in providing services to the Port of Açu Industrial Complex can register directly on the Online Procurement Portal at “portodoacu.supplier.ariba.com”. For a new registration, click on “Register now”. Suppliers already registered in the Port of Açu database will receive an e-mail to complement their information in the Online Procurement Portal. Data about suppliers registered in the Online Procurement Portal will also be available for other companies located in the Industrial Complex and other firms that use the platform, generating new business opportunities.​​