Port of Açu launches Environment Week - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu launches Environment Week

This year’s theme is “Sustainable Tourism for Development”

The Port of Açu will start today a series of actions for the Environment Week, with activities held inside and outside of the enterprise. The theme proposed by the United Nations for 2017 is “Sustainable Tourism for Development”. Its purpose is to make people think about touristic potential in their surroundings and the importance of sustainability in the tourism industry.

“We raise the sustainability theme often in the port, but it is great to have a full week dedicated to the matter. The idea is to share knowledge of the theme proposed by the UN and spread information produced in our monitoring efforts and environmental studies. We will share our experiences with the community, involving local students, and with our associates, who will have the opportunity to follow more closely our team’s work,” said João Teixeira, Environment manager at the Port of Açu.

The Environment Week program includes university students visiting the port region and the main facilities of the Port Complex and learning about the enterprise’s environmental actions. Municipal schools will also participate, with composting workshops and planting seedlings produced at RPPN Caruara private nature reserve. Public spaces will also get seedlings produced in the plant nursery kept by the port. The action will be carried out in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of São João da Barra.

During the week, port associates will also attend lectures about the environment, endangered species and the importance of coastal lagoons for sustainable development, as well as discussions about programs managed by the enterprise, such as Marine Turtle Monitoring.​