Port of Açu organizes 1st Maritime Agents Meeting at company - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu organizes 1st Maritime Agents Meeting at company

Close to 70 professionals from 15 maritime agencies participated in the event

Port of Açu held yesterday the 1st Maritime Agents Meeting on company grounds. Present at the Port Complex were representatives from 15 maritime agencies that are already active or are in a preoperational phase at the Port.

The aim of the meeting was to present the current outlook for Açu operations and the projects underway, as well as to share knowledge to improve operational efficiency and the handling of ships during day-to-day port operations, such as: procedures adopted in the appointment of ships; crew member access; issuing of ID badges; and other topics.

“The administration of a modern port such as Açu should promote, full-time, a close relationship between all parties present in port operations. With the Maritime Agents, who are the representatives of the Outfitters at the complex, this directive could not be any different,” said Ideralod Goulart, Director of Operations at Port of Açu.

“Operations will only improve through closer ties between the operations team at Port of Açu and those who in fact execute the everyday activities on the pier. This greater proximity is positive both for agents to be better informed about the Port, as well as for the port complex to hear out the maritime community. Everyone comes out ahead with this exchange,” said Wanderlei Petronilha, general manager of WWR Agência Marítima.

Close to 60 professionals took part in this first meeting, which should become a regular event at Port of Açu. The idea is to hold a new meeting every six months.