Port of Açu sponsors pottery exhibit inside the Port Complex - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu sponsors pottery exhibit inside the Port Complex

Goal is to promote local culture and value traditional UENF project

Valuing the local culture, the Port of Açu will hold on June 11-12 an exhibit named Caminhos de Barro (Mud Paths), bringing to the enterprise samples of the traditional work developed for nearly 20 years at UENF state university.

During the two-day event, ten ceramists working for the project will have the opportunity to showcase their art in the community area of the company that manages the Port Complex, in São João da Barra. The idea is to present artwork developed by the group and how clay is modelled by hand. To that end, an artisan will make special pieces during the exhibit, which will be open to the enterprise`s associates from 11am to 3pm.

Caminhos 2.jpgAccording to Izabel Sousa, Social Responsibility coordinator for the Port of Açu, this is a way to acknowledge and promote the region`s artistic potential. “We invited to the exhibit not only our associates, but also those who work for other companies with facilities in the Complex. Our main goal in this initiative is to promote the local culture, but we can seize the opportunity so that artisans can sell their products,” she said.

Started at UENF, Caminhos de Barro was created as an alternative and enhanced space for the artistic, cultural and technical education of the local population. Project head Idamara Rizzo reported that ceramists are very pleased to hold an exhibit in the Port of Açu. “We are proud to have our social project recognized. Our group is encouraged by the opportunity to show the artwork to the associates of the Port Complex. This is a chance to promote our work and sell it too,” she added.