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Port of Açu supports course for local entrepreneurs

Enrollment is open for Empretec, a methodology developed by the United Nations

Seeking to contribute to enhance the skills of local entrepreneurs, the Port of Açu decided to support Empretec in São João da Barra. The course developed by the United Nations is offered by Sebrae (Micro and Small Business Support Service) in Brazil and has already reached 250,000+ people in the country. The course focuses on the development of entrepreneurial behavior and identification of new business opportunities. The initiative results from the partnership between the Port of Açu and Sebrae, which will present the Empretec methodology in a lecture today in the auditorium of the Mayor’s Office of São João da Barra. Classes will be offered from November 27 to December 2 for 25 people. Thanks to the support provided by the Port of Açu, the city’s entrepreneurs will be able to pay half of the regular fee to attend.

João Kapiska, Supply manager at the Port of Açu, emphasized the importance of investing to build the capacity of local businesspeople. “We are grateful to contribute to the lapidation of the entrepreneurial skills of our residents. After a week of immersion and learning, there is no doubt that participants will be more prepared to make inroads in the business world inside the Port of Açu or the region as a whole,” he said.

This is a full-time course that demands exclusive dedication. During the week, personal development and management techniques will be discussed and put into practice, offering a new perspective of the corporate world and encouraging personal characteristics such as leadership and innovation.

According to the regional coordinator of Sebrae in Rio de Janeiro, Gilberto Soares, during the six days of immersion, participants will be challenged in practical activities that enhance their abilities in terms of creating and driving business. “The goal is to improve business performance, offer greater assertiveness in decision-making and expand the perception of opportunities, boosting the chances of business success,” Soares said.

Those who are interested should call 0800 570 0800 or (22) 2723-2429 to participate in the selection process that will take place on November 13-17.​