Port of Açu supports project to repair and maintain sluice gates in the Campos area - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu supports project to repair and maintain sluice gates in the Campos area

Project will benefit the whole northern part of Rio de Janeiro state

​2017-08-07_104404_Diniz_Liberação_Verbas_Convenio_Canais_Rogerio_DSC_0159_SUPCOM.JPGThe Port of Açu participated in a ceremony to mark the beginning of repair and maintenance work in sluice gates in the Campos area, in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro state. The project will benefit the whole region and is one environmental payback for the implementation of the Port Complex. The action was launched in the auditorium of the Campos Mayor’s Office and will be executed by the port in partnership with the State’s Environment Secretariat and Environment Institute (INEA). The company was represented by Vicente Habib, general manager of Sustainability of Prumo Logística, the developer and operator of the Port of Açu.

“For us it is very important to participate in a matter of great environmental, economic and social relevance for the northern part of Rio de Janeiro state. We are also pleased because the initiative reflects the sum of efforts arising from the partnership between the public and private sectors to meet a demand that affects the whole region,” said Habib.

2017-08-07_104338_Diniz_Liberação_Verbas_Convenio_Canais_Rogerio_DSC_0150_SUPCOM.JPGThe project contemplates repair and maintenance of 15 sluice gates and vegetation removal in strategic points, preventing impact on the operation of more vulnerable structures. Support from the Port of Açu was requested by the State Environment Secretariat, while headed by state assemblyman André Corrêa, who attended the event.

“What we are doing here is related to the compensation of a budget of 1.7 million reais that, over nearly three years, will be invested in the repair and maintenance of sluice gates that control a hydraulic system with the size of 200,000 soccer fields. We will apply information technology to canal and sluice gate levels so that we can have correct strategic planning to open and close them, responding to the weather at that moment,” he explained.


The event was attended by INEA general superintendent Luís Fernando Guida; INEA regional superintendent Renê Justen; Campos Environmental Development secretary Leonardo Barreto; Agriculture superintendent Nildo Cardoso; Fishing and Aquaculture superintendent José Roberto Pessanha and his deputy José Armando Barreto; the Chairman of the Rural Producers Union José do Amaral; executive vice-president of the Firjan system Geraldo Coutinho; Firjan’s regional representative for the northern part of Rio de Janeiro state Luiz Mário Concebida; Cardoso Moreira Mayor Gilson Siqueira; São Francisco Environment secretary Ilzomar Soares, São João da Barra Environment secretary, as well as representatives from Quissamã and rural producers.