Port of Açu welcomes representatives from the Port of Antwerp and Belgian officials - Porto do Açu


Port of Açu welcomes representatives from the Port of Antwerp and Belgian officials

About 70 people attended the ceremony to celebrate the partnership between the two ports

​_MG_4482.jpgThe Port of Açu welcomed today representatives from Port of Antwerp International (PAI), which was announced yesterday as the enterprise’s new partner. The meeting, attended by municipal, state and federal officials, as well as entrepreneurs and authorities from Belgium, discussed business opportunities that arise from the partnership.

“Today is one of the most important dates in the history of the Port of Açu. Our partnership is based on a long term vision and combines PAI’s expertise in operating and developing a port-industry complex and the opportunities offered by the Port of Açu, such as being a private port complex, already working and with available area,” said José Magela, CEO of Prumo Logística, the developer and operator of the Port of Açu.

During the visit, Kristof Waterschoot, CEO of PAI, emphasized the reasons for choosing the Port of Açu as a partner. “The Port of Açu has an area of 90 km² and strategic location, in addition to having advantageous components in terms of cargo handling, logistics and manufacturing, and this is extremely important for the development of both ports. We have been in contact with dozens of other possibilities here in the country and chose the Port of Açu,” he said.


The group of about 70 people visited the Multicargo Terminal, the Oil Terminal, the Iron Ore Terminal and client facilities in the complex. Wrapping up the visit, a ceremony celebrated the partnership.

During the ceremony, the Belgian ambassador in Brazil, Dirk Loncke, stressed the importance of the partnership for both nations. “The Port of Açu is really impressive. It is a grandiose project that is so well developed. This partnership today makes me very proud. We are signing a trade agreement eyeing the future, and it certainly paves the way for more agreements between Belgium and Brazil,” he said.

_MG_3645.jpgMayor Carla Machado said that the city of São João da Barra becomes a gateway to Europe. “We are together in this partnership that will benefit not only São João da Barra and the northern part of Rio de Janeiro state, but the whole country.” The Mayor also discussed the pivotal creation of the Export Processing Zone (ZPE) in the Port of Açu.

José Newton Barbosa, the federal government’s head of internacional advisory, also addressed the ZPE. “This enterprise is a benchmark that combines industrial development, the port-industry context and logistics. I will insist on telling the Minister that installing a ZPE here is a key factor for the development of the region,” he said.