Porto do Açu participates in environmental education project for children and adolescents in São João da Barra - Porto do Açu


Porto do Açu participates in environmental education project for children and adolescents in São João da Barra

Professionals from the Sustainability area give lectures to explain projects developed by the company

Açu Port is promoting a series of lectures on Sustainability projects aimed at children and adolescents during the summer, at the invitation of the Environment Secretariat of São João da Barra. The action is part of the Environmental Vacation project, which will be held from February 7th to 23rd (Tuesday to Friday), at Espaço da Ciência (Science Space), a science and environment studies center in Atafona. The goal of the event is to teach and raise awareness among participants through environmental education.

In the lectures program there are themes such as The Marine Turtle and Small Cetacean (Dolphins) Monitoring Programs, as well a presentation about the Private Nature Reserve (RPPN) Fazenda Caruara, developed and maintained voluntarily by Açu Port.


“It’s a pleasure for us to take part in this great project. It is an opportunity to encourage young people to take care of the environment, using as examples the work we have developed here in the region and that we are so proud of. The idea is to make them identify themselves as a fundamental piece in the process of environmental conservation,” said forestry engineer Daniel Nascimento, a Porto do Açu environment expert.

The event also includes presentations about the area’s fauna and flora and the exhibition of environmental education films. The project aims to instigate the participants’ curiosity and playfulness, promoting interaction among them, making the learning process more fun.
“Since the project is happening during the vacation period, our children, besides learning about what’s going on in the Science Space, will also be able to reflect on the importance of protecting the environment; and they will see up close the projects developed in Port of Açu. We believe this will instigate the unique curiosity of children”, said Environment Secretary of São João da Barra, Alex Firme.

The visits are targeting an audience ranging from 6 to 15 years of age, with a limit of 20 people per day. Appointments can be made by calling (22) 99930-6237 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.