Prumo and BP sign rental contract for area at Açu - Porto do Açu


Prumo and BP sign rental contract for area at Açu

​Prumo has today (2) signed a contract with NFX to set up a plant at Açu Port, in São João da Barra (RJ). The company is a joint venture represented by 50% Prumo and 50% BP.

NFX has signed a contract to rent 215,079 m² for an initial period of 5 years, renewable for additional 15 years, also with extension permission for two more periods of 20 years.

Located at the entrance of the T2 canal (onshore terminal), the area will have 406 meters of quay. At the site NFX will be able to import, export, sell, store, mix, distribute and/or commercialize marine fuels, under the name of BP Marine. This fuel center will meet the requirements of ships of a range of sizes and activities, such as PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels), cabotage and long distance, for fuel like MGO – Marine Gas Oil and IFO -Intermediate Fuel Oil.

Since we resumed the civil works, we have experienced a new moment for the Company with the interest of new clients to discuss commercial agreements. This agreement with NFX and the JV with BP itself, world’s leader in marine fuels, will guarantee high quality supply to attract Açu clients, as well as positioning the Port at the supply route of large vessels” said Eduardo Parente, Prumo’s CEO.

“This association reinforces BP’s commitment with the energy sector in Brazil as well as to complement our E&P, Lubricants, Aviation Fuels and Biofuels investments”, said Luiz Figueiredo, BP Supply and Trading Director in Brazil.

As a result of this joint-venture Açu Port will become one of the main distribution centers of marine fuel in the South Atlantic. The plant’s works are expected to begin in the 2nd half of this year and operations expected for the first quarter 2015.

About BP Marine

BP Marine has a global presence, supplying services for the offshore and large shipping companies as containers, tanks and bulk cargos. Committed to highest international quality standards and best safety and environment practices, BP Marine can supply several types of fuel to the leading marine distribution centers in the world.

Açu Port

With 17 km of piers which can simultaneously moor up to 47 vessels, Açu Port is being constructed in São João da Barra, in northern Rio de Janeiro. Occupying 90 km² the venture is comprised of Terminal 1 (T1 – offshore) and Terminal 2 (T2 – onshore), which has received investment of R$ 5.2 billion.

T1 will consist of a 3-km access bridge, a tugboat pier, 9 oil and iron-ore piers, approach channel and turning basin. Of these, 2 iron ore piers, the tugboat pier, approach channel and turning basin are now ready. The 1st shipment of iron ore at Açu Port is scheduled for the second half of this year.

T2 is being built around a 6.5 km long, 300 meter wide approach channel with a current depth of 7.5 meters (reaching 10 meters). Works are taking place on the site for the construction of the approach channel, turning basin, construction of the concrete blocks to be used in the breakwater and implementation of the transmission line. With a wharf line of over 13 km, T2 will handle pig iron, coal, vehicles, liquid and solid bulk, general cargo and oil.

With unique features, such as great depth, a strategic location and efficient infrastructure, Açu Port is the main solution for oil and gas companies to locate. Facilities can be installed at the Port to handle and treat oil, provide support to offshore E&P operations and to house a metalworking cluster dedicated to the oil and gas industry.

Açu Port is forecast to come into operation in June this year, when the operations of our clients who have already set up in the T2 channel will commence.