Prumo announces negotiation of partnerships with Siemens and BP to develop midstream facilities in Açu Port - Porto do Açu


Prumo announces negotiation of partnerships with Siemens and BP to develop midstream facilities in Açu Port

Prumo Logística, a company that develops and operates the Port of Açu, and its subsidiary Gás Natural Açu (GNA), today announced the signing of preliminary agreements with BP and Siemens that establish the basis for negotiations aimed at the implementation of Açu Gas Hub. The documents contain the non-binding commercial terms and a period of exclusivity for the negotiation of a possible partnership with the companies.

“The agreements for possible partnerships with BP and Siemens bring to our business the experience of world-class companies, leaders in the O&G and energy sector, as well as helping to realize the development of Açu Gas Hub,” says José Magela, CEO’s of Prumo Logística.

The document signed with BP predicts that the company will have a 30% stake in Gás Natural Açu (GNA) – a wholly owned subsidiary of Prumo Logística and the company responsible for the development of Açu Gas Hub and related infrastructure. In addition, BP will own 50% of the energy -trading subsidiary GNA, whose objective will be to establish energy puchase and sale contracts. BP also was selected as the LNG supllier for the UTE GNA 1.

The agreement with Siemens expects a 33% stake in GNA Infrastructure, a joint venture that will be linked to Gás Natural Açu (GNA) and responsible for the development of Açu Gas Hub infrastructure projects, starting with phase 1 containing: Terminal of the Açu Regasification and the GNA I UTE, of around 1,300 MW. In addition, Siemens will have a 33% direct stake in the Terminal LNG and Thermoelectric.

“The signing of these preliminary agreements, together with the contract signed this month for the transfer of the Authorization and the PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreement) from Novo Tempo UTE to GNA, is a fundamental step in the structuring of Açu Gas Hub. Located strategically in the north of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Açu Gas Hub will be composed of 6,400 MW (licensed) of thermoelectric generation with natural gas; LNG import and storage terminal; Natural gas processing unit; and gas pipelines that will connect the enterprise to the transport network and producing fields. The development of this midstream facilities represents a unique infrastructure solution in Brazil that will allow the supply of LNG, natural gas and electricity to the Brazilian market. With the gas supply, we will be even more attractive to new industrial customers, contributing to accelerate the occupation of our industrial complex”, said Magela.