Prumo Implements Açu Port Employability Network - Porto do Açu


Prumo Implements Açu Port Employability Network

​Prumo has implemented the Employability Network, a program that will concentrate, in a single database, the available local labor and the workers involved in the construction of the Industrial Complex of Açu Port.

The goal is for all companies that are setting up in the complex, as well as service providers, to use this database for recruitment. The program aims to promote the venture’s sustainability through the better management of the flow of labor.

According to Prumo’s Human Resources manager, Beatriz Taranto, the Employability Network will broaden the opportunity for the inclusion of workers in the region. “Our premise is to expand the spotlighting of professionals in the region available in the market. We want them to remain in the region and have the opportunity to work at the port,” he said.

In addition, the Employability Network will monitor the demobilizations that occur in the Complex in order to organize, control, and where possible, reduce the migratory flow. These professionals will be registered in the database so that they can apply for new jobs.

To register resumes in the Employability Network database, professionals should send them by email to All resumes received will be analyzed, classified and then forwarded to the selection processes of interested companies, according to availability of vacancies and the suitability of the profile. Vacancies available at Prumo can be accessed at “Trabalhe Conosco” at the Prumo site, through registration at the site.​