Prumo undertakes first operation in T2 channel - Porto do Açu


Prumo undertakes first operation in T2 channel

​Prumo today carried out its first commercial operation in the channel Terminal 2 (T2) at Açu Port, in São João da Barra (RJ).

The first ship to moor at T2 was the Happy Dynamic, a Heavy Lift vessel which came from China and moored in the wharfline of the NOV plant. With a draught of 7 meters, the vessel was carrying a crane weighing 520 tons. It will be erected on the wharfline of NOV and will be used to move reels of flexible pipes.

“The arrival of the ship is a huge milestone, as it permitted the installation of our crane, which can support up to 410 tons. This is a fundamental piece for the loading and unloading of equipment at NOV Flexibles’ site at Açu Port”, explains Marcos Villela, the country manager of NOV Flexibles in Brazil.

“Açu Port has entered a new stage with the first commercial operation at Terminal 2. We have overcome a number of obstacles and worked very hard to achieve this, including obtaining a number of licenses and carrying out civil works whilst not neglecting safety. It is really rewarding to participate in this new stage of the venture”, commemorates Eduardo Parente, CEO of Prumo Logística.

Heavy Lift specializes in transporting heavy, awkward structures. It will take around three days to unload the crane and the ship is expected to depart from the Port next Monday (17).

The first iron ore operation took place at Terminal 1 (T1) at the end of October, which saw ore loaded onto the ship “Key Light”, which has a draught of 14.7 meters and received 80 thousand tons of iron ore at the dedicated pier.


NOV, a global leader in the supply of the main mechanical components for onshore and offshore drilling rigs is fin​ishing the installation of a flexible-pipe production plant to support the offshore industry with a wharfline of 210 meters and total area of 121,905 m². Now in operation, it will have a production capacity of 250 km of flexible pipes a year, in addition to a material testing and storage facility.

About Açu Port

With 17 km of piers which can simultaneously moor up to 47 vessels, Açu Port is located in São João da Barra, in northern Rio de Janeiro. Occupying 90 km² the venture is comprised of Terminal 1 (T1 – offshore) and Terminal 2 (T2 – onshore).

T1 consists of a 3-km access bridge, a tugboat pier, 9 oil and iron-ore piers, approach channel and turning basin. The terminal will have a total wharfline of 4 km.

T2 is located around a 6.5 km long, 300 meter wide approach channel with a depth of 14.5 meters. With a wharf line of over 13 km, T2 will handle project cargo, coal, bauxite, vehicles, liquid and solid bulk and oil.